Basic data base for the geographic information system (ZBGIS®) is part of the Information System of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre,  which has been created and maintained by the Geodesy Cartography and Cadastre Authority of the Slovak Republic under the Act No. 215/1995 Coll. on Geodesy and Cartography, as amended.
ZBGIS® is a spatial object-oriented database that is a reference basis of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. It forms positional and geometric foundation for creating thematic upgraded geographic information systems and is binding for creating basic and thematic state map series. The purpose of building ZBGIS® is to create the basis of relevant spatial information about the territory of the Slovak Republic in a system enabling their storage, updating, manipulation, analysis and viewing.
ZBGIS® consists of data and metadata on spatial features of the country, their spatial and thematic attributes and mutual relations. Scope of data on features managed within ZBGIS® is specified by Feature Catalogue (KTO ZBGIS®). Visualization of ZBGIS® data through map compositions is available via MAPKA application.




Updated: 14.06.2024