State border

Administrator of state borders of SR is Department of State Border Management of the section Public Administration of the Ministry of the Interior of The Slovak Republic.
In accordance with the National Council of the Slovak Republic Act No. 215/1995 Coll. on Geodesy and Cartography as subsequently amended, GKÚ is responsible for providing land survey on state borders, in accordance with the international agreement concluded in cooperation with the administrator of state borders and partner organizations from the neighbouring countries. On the basis of cooperation with the Department of (State) Border Management of the section of public administration of the Ministry of the Interior of SR, Geodetic Control (GZ) Department at GKÚ fulfils the tasks which ensure surveying and mapping activities in the state border administration and maintenance. GZ Department at GKÚ especially:

  • Provide and carry out reconnaissance survey, monumentation, staking-out, measurement and upkeeping of boundary points, state border marks and other points (e.g. control points) connected with the creation and updating of border documentary work,
  • Provide and carry out measurements of boundary watercourse and mapping of topography in the border area for the purposes of creation and updating of the border documentary work,
  • Provide and carry out field checking and inspection of the course of state borders,
  • Cooperate in updating the border documentary work consisting of general text data, state border maps, state border map layout, lists of coordinates and description of the course of state borders in terms of the state border administrator´s requirements,
  • On demand participate in expert group meetings, state border commissions and other meetings related to the state border administration,
  • Execute documentation and data sets from the field, monumentation and maintenance survey,
  • Ensure metrological verification of geodetic tools in use,
  • Cooperate in the creation of methodical guides, guidelines, regulations, standards and other legal documents in the field of state border administration.
Updated: 03.01.2022