Central Archive of Geodesy and Cartography (ÚAGK) is a special documentation workplace of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre of Slovak Republic (ÚGKK SR) department, in which is collected, retained, preserved and made accessible the archive documentation related to the creation of maps in our territory since the end of the 18th century up to the present. The Archive was established on 5th January 1990 through the Decree of the Slovak Office of Geodesy and Cartography No. P-11/1990. (Slovenský úrad geodézie a kartografie č. P-11/1990). The Archive was organizationally incorporated in the Geodetic and Cartographic Institute Bratislava (Geodetický a kartografický ústav Bratislava (GKÚ), methodically guided by the Department of Archive and Registrations of the Ministry of the Interior SR. On 17th April 1990 it was incorporated by the Ministry of the Interior and the Environment into the archives of special importance, at present it belongs to the group of specialized public archives.

At present ÚAGK keep in archive approximately 400 000 map sheets, 500 linear metres of documents, 200 globes, relief maps, instruments and devices and 1000 pieces of digital media containing cartographic products. Map series are stored in archive rooms mainly in classic metal storage units –– map safes, documents and other archived items are kept in metal safe-deposit boxes. Recently the Archive was enriched also with modern digital storage units in which the most valuable map series of original cadastral documentation are kept.
Important function of the Archive is to make archive documents accessible to the public. ÚAGK provides those interested with information about its archive documents on personal visits or by telephone or e-mail, furthermore, the Archive provides archive documents for study in the research room, and in cooperation with other GKÚ departments it provides copies and scans of materials concerned. ÚAGK is a source of valuable information not only for geodesists and cartographers, but also for historians, heraldists, preservationists, architects, geographers, ecologists, linguists and other experts, and for the general public as well.

In addition to the above-mentioned main activities, the Archive performs also the making and gradual completing of various archive tools, reorganization of archive documents storing, accompany excursions from various schools and also expert excursions both from Slovakia and abroad, and participate in diverse projects and professional events.
Archive documents, both the written and map ones, are divided in ÚAGK into various collections:

- Land consolidation map
- So-called "Konkretuálne mapy"
- Original cadastral documentation
- Maps of real estate inventory
- Technical-economical maps
- Old military maps
- Military topographic maps
- Derived state maps
- Base maps of the Slovak Republic
- Orthophotomaps and aerial photos
- Tourist maps, road maps and city plans
- Atlases and lexicons
- Vegetation maps
- Various historical maps
- Relief maps, globes and star charts
- Technical maps
- Boundary documents
- Technical regulations
- Digital media

Contact: Chlumeckého 4, 827 45 Bratislava 212


Archive documents can be studied in the ÚAGK study room in office hours as follows:

Day Time
Monday 8:00 - 14:00
Tuesday 8:00 - 14:00
Wednesday 8:00 - 15:00
Thursday 8:00 - 14:00
Friday 8:00 - 13:00



Updated: 05.01.2022