ZBGIS Metainformation System


Aplication ZBGIS Metainformation system of the geodesy, cartography and cadastre sector, to which requirements are places not only from ISO (International Standardization Organisation), OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) or the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) Directive standards, but also from the NIPI (National Infrastructure for Spatial Information) law, is used to search and browse metadata records about spatial data and map services in the system ZBGIS and ESKN. It provides the end user with an overview and detailed information about available vector, raster data and ZBGIS and ESKN web services at the selected location.

The application interface offers:

  • Search for saved metadata by specifying a keyword, additional parameters (content type, data category, date) or spatial restriction (administrative unit name).
  • Browse metadata in tree structure by classified data source.

The application also provides a detailed listning and XML schema of the searched metadata record, displaying a spatial extent of data in the map window, URL address to obtain data, displaying the preview for the webmap service (WMS), as well as connection and displaying web map service (WMS, WMTS) in the MAPKA application.


Updated: 14.06.2024